2 Simple Ways To Increase Furnace Efficiency

Posted on: 7 March 2016

Is your furnace as efficient as it could be? The simple answer is that it may not be as efficient as you think. There are many ways you can increase the efficiency of your furnace. Best of all, if you keep up with maintenance, you usually don't need to invest in major maintenance or repairs as often to help your furnace be a little more productive. This article will explain two simple ways to increase the efficiency of your furnace system. 

Clean the Evaporator Unit

One of the most vital aspects of any furnace is the evaporator. The evaporator is responsible for heat transfer and it is usually part of or attached to the actual furnace. It is within a small box on top of most furnace cabinets. Accessing the evaporator is very simple, once you find it. It will be behind a small axis door that usually opens without any tools. You can identify the evaporator because it is triangle shaped and has copper coils. The size of the evaporator will depend on the size of your home and furnace, but it is generally less than 18" tall.

Once you have gained access to your evaporator, turn off the power to your furnace. This is usually easy and is best done by locating the breaker switch and turning it off. Evaporator coils can definitely get dusty and dirty. So, first clean out the compartment with a hose vacuum. You will probably need to use a wet rag to wipe down the sidewalls and coils to remove stubborn dirt and gunk. Focus on ensuring that the coils are clean and the copper is visible. Buildup on these coils can hamper the evaporation process.

Clean the Fan Blades

This next process is very simple, but vital to the long-term operation of your furnace. Cleaning the fan blades is vital because dust can lead to mold and rust that eventually reduces the effectiveness of the fan blades. The fan blades are very easy to clean once you simply open the access door. Just wipe them off with a wet rag and basic all-surface cleaner. Be particularly aware of black buildup on the top and bottom sides of the fan blades; this could be mold. While you have the fan compartment open, you should vacuum it out as well. The improvement to the energy efficiency of your furnace will probably not be noticeable, but you should definitely enjoy cleaner air. This is a huge plus if you have issues with allergies.

These two repairs don't take much time, but they can help improve the functionality of your furnace. If your furnace is acting up and you aren't sure what the issue is, consider contacting a local heating specialist, such as Doc Dancer Heating, Air Conditioning & Generators, to take a look.


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