Considerations Before You Hire An HVAC Contractor

Posted on: 8 March 2016

When you have a plumbing, heating, ventilation, or air conditioning problem, you want to hire the most qualified and reputable HVAC contractor that you can find. There are many questions to ask when interviewing an HVAC contractor. Here are some things to consider during an HVAC contractor's interview:

  • Length of Time in Business - When you interview a contractor candidate, ask them how long they have been in business. The length of time they have been in business is a good indication of an HVAC contractor's knowledge of their field of work and qualifications to work successfully within that field. The longer an HVAC contractor has been in business, the more qualified that contractor should be. 
  • License and Certification - Ask to see a copy of an HVAC contractor candidate's business license and any performance certificates they may hold in their field of work. Check online with the Licensing Office in your state to make sure that the contractor is currently licensed and has not had a formal complaint filed against them. Make note of the name of any organization that issued a performance certificate to the HVAC contractor candidate and verify that information online or by telephone with the issuing organization. 
  • Insurance - Ask to see a copy of your HVAC contractor candidate's Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance certificates. Check the dates on the insurance certificates to make sure the HVAC contractor is currently covered. 
  • Bids and Estimates - Before you hire an HVAC contractor, get bids from at least 3 different contractors for the repairs needed. Ask all HVAC contractor candidates to make a site visit and give you a written estimate of repairs for all work that needs to be completed. Make sure the work estimate itemizes all of the items that will be repaired and the costs that will be charged for each of those repairs. The level of detail in an itemized estimate is a good indication of your contractors attention to detail and knowledge of their field of work. Ask all HVAC contractor candidates for their hourly rate and when they begin charging their hourly fee. 
  • Work Guarantee - Ask all HVAC contractor candidates if they guarantee their work and the time frame for their guarantee. All HVAC contractors should guarantee their work for a minimum of at least one year. A contractor who will not give you a guarantee of work with a time frame should not be considered. 
  • References - Ask for 2 - 3 references from past customers for all HCAC contractor candidates. Make sure these references are listed with addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Contact all references to ask about a contractor's performance on the job and the quality of their work. Also, check online with online review sites to see what past customers have to say about them and their work. 

When you thoroughly interview an HVAC contractor and verify all licensing, insurance, and reference information, you can be confident that you have done the necessary research to find a qualified and reputable HVAC contractor. When you hire an HVAC contractor and they do a good job and charge an acceptable rate for their services, be sure and give them a personal recommendation online. You can post a personal recommendation on several online review sites that list business reviews by geographical location. Your recommendation will help the HVAC contractor to find more work and help the next customer to find a reputable HVAC contractor. Why not look here to begin your search.


Making Your Customers Comfortable

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