Tired Of Having No Place To Plug In Your Tech Devices? How Certain Electrical Services Can Change That

Posted on: 9 March 2016

Most houses, especially those that are older than twenty years, usually only have standard wall outlets into which you can plug things. Modern devices, including tablets and phones, do not have standard plugs, despite the adaptive accessories you can purchase. When you lose these wall plug adapters, it gets really frustrating and you either acquiesce to buying another wall adapter (which can be quite expensive for some devices) or you find another way to charge your device. Perhaps the next time you want to do a light bit of remodeling, you could update your wall outlets with the help of the following electrical services.

Converting Standard Outlets to USB Outlets

Now electricians can convert standard outlets to USB outlets. Essentially, the power to the outlets is the same, except that instead of a two- or three-pronged cord outlet, you have two USB ports. While there is no computer connection to these outlets, your charging cords for your devices can still plug in and charge your devices without needing a wall adapter accessory. It is a good idea to have at least three outlets in your home converted for this purpose, or at least one converted outlet for every two devices that require a USB charging cord.

Converting Standard Outlets to Phone or Ethernet Ports

If and when you work from home or you have an in-home office, you may also want to convert standard outlets to a phone or ethernet port. The wiring is a little different, as is the outlet, but the power source remains the same. Your electrician and/or the phone/internet company can make this conversion for you. If you do not currently have a spare standard outlet to which this conversion can be made, the technician can create a new outlet and port for you that should be located next to or as close to another standard outlet so that all of the cords that connect to your computer, fax machine, phone, etc., can all be connected to the same area in the same wall.

Adding Cable Ports

Some internet services rely on coaxial cable ports. If this is the type of internet service to which you subscribe, you will need the help of an electrician or the cable installer to create a brand-new cable port where there is not one. If at all possible, add a cable port on the first floor and/or on the reverse wall where you already have a port installed. It saves a lot of installation time because the cable and wiring can be routed up through the same channels as the cable and wiring for the current cable port. If you need a port installed on the second story of your your home, plan ahead for a longer installation process because the cable and wiring will have to be threaded up through the walls to a fresh outlet opening.

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