Avoiding An Emergency Summertime AC Repair

Posted on: 15 March 2016

With summer looming, it's past time to start thinking about the health of your air conditioning situation. Regardless of how you cool your home, either with a central HVAC or a window mounted unit, there are some important steps to take ahead of the hottest part of the year that will help to ensure uninterrupted cooling. While the maintenance for each may differ slightly in how it is carried out, the necessity remains the same.

Taking Care of Your Central AC

Before the mercury starts to climb, call in a professional to give your central unit a thorough once over. Areas of note should include the air ducts themselves, the fan and its motor, and the compressor unit outside. Each of these contributes both to the volume of cool air moving through the system and to the quality of that air.

A simple cleaning should start things off, sweeping away any clinging dust or debris from the various components. Diagnostic checks should follow, ensuring that everything is in working order and capable of meeting standards for your home throughout the summer. Finally, any repairs that need done should be brought to your attention, and if you've taken care of this early enough, you'll have plenty of time to address those problems.

The Differences in Maintaining a Window AC

A window unit has all the same components as a central AC unit, just in smaller scale, which means if it needs cleaning or maintenance, you can simply take it in to an appliance repair shop. These units tend to be easily moved, stored, and set up each year, but are often overlooked when it comes time to perform maintenance. To minimize the necessary repairs, make sure you're taking your AC unit down each winter and storing it in a dry place to keep it out of the weather.

Window units are surprisingly efficient and effective at cooling a space. Better still, it's easy to expand their cooling potential with the use of a few box fans. You might need more than one in a multi-level home, but moving the cool air around on a single story can help beat the heat without breaking the bank. You can place fans in hallways, doorways or at the base of stairwells for maximum air circulation.

No matter how you choose to cool your home, or what your alternatives are, make sure that you take whatever measures you can to keep your AC running. Taking care of it now will help you avoid sweating a few days away while you wait for an emergency repair appointment.

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