Common Water Intrusion Concerns Addressed

Posted on: 15 March 2016

Water damage can be one of the more serious issues that homeowners will have to address, but this type of damage can come in many different forms. While many homeowners are familiar with the threats posed by foods, they may drastically underestimate the damage that can be caused by water intrusions. Sadly, this is a type of problem that new homeowners are unlikely to know about, but after you learn these two questions and answers, you will find yourself better suited for keeping your home safe from this type of damage.

What Type Of Damage Can Water Intrusions Cause?

When some homeowners think of water damage, they may primarily imagine molds, mildews and rotting wood. While these are among the most common forms of water damage, it is also possible for these type of issue to cause serious structural problems for the home. For example, water intrusion can have serious consequences for the foundation of your home because it may contribute to erosion of the soil under the foundation or it may weaken the concrete slab that is the basis of the foundation. Both of these damages can cause your home to become far less stable, which will require you to have the damage repaired as soon as possible to avoid this outcome.

What Causes Water Intrusion?

In order to prevent water intrusion from damaging a home, it is important to discover the source of the excess water.  Depending on the terrain and soil composition of your yard, it may be possible that rainwater is simply unable to drain through your soil, which could contribute to these problems in the structure. To repair this problem, you may need to have gutters installed around the boundary of your home to help divert much of this water away from the property. Additionally, it may be necessary to place plants and grasses around the home if you do not currently have these things.

When a homeowner is unfortunate enough to discover that they have a water intrusion, they will need to act quickly to make sure that they are protected. By having knowledge about the more common problems, you will be better informed when deciding on an appropriate way of addressing this problem. Sadly, there are some people that may delay having these repairs done for a number of reasons, but you should always be aware that the longer water is allowed to stay in a home, the more damage it will likely cause.


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