Rev Up For Summer With These Four AC Efficiency Tips

Posted on: 18 March 2016

AC units are designed to work hard at cooling your home down in the summer. If you can meet your air conditioner halfway and help it do its job, you might have better luck with your cooling efficiency throughout the summer. Here are four tips when it comes to keeping your AC unit at top performance during the hottest months of the year.

1. Install Ceiling Fans

Don't make your air conditioning unit do all of the work when it comes to cooling down your home. Install ceiling fans that can work with your AC unit and let it have a break in the evenings and at night. Double check the direction of your fan as well, since one direction pulls up cool air in the winter and the other pushes this down in the summer months. Having an additional source of airflow can keep you cooler and help with AC efficiency.

2. Use Your AC Unit's Timer

If you are constantly forgetting to turn off your AC unit when you leave for work or in the evenings, take the guesswork out of the equation. Use the timer on your thermostat to pre-program the times you need your AC to kick in and take a break. This will maximize its usefulness and make sure your AC isn't working overtime, possibly burning out in the process.

3. In and Out Privileges

If your kids are constantly in and out of the house in the summer or leaving doors open to patios, it is time to set up some ground rules. The last thing you want is to constantly let cool air escape your home. Have kids use the garage door as a buffer instead of doors in direct sunlight. Install automatic shutting systems on your doors so they don't get left ajar. These changes will make sure that your air conditioning unit isn't wasting energy throughout long summer days.

4. Check Your Insulation and Weatherizing

If you live in an environment that might have extreme weather in the summers and winters, checking on the weatherizing of your home can help with energy efficiency. Make sure that your home is sealed and ready to keep in heat or cold depending on the seasons. Correct insulation can make a big difference in keeping heat from soaking into your home through the roof and walls as well.

If your AC unit is working overtime, it is a good idea to have this serviced before the hottest part of summer is here. A yearly checkup can ensure your unit is clean and in proper working condition for the few months that you will need your air conditioning unit the most. To learn more, contact an AC repair company like High Tech Heating Ventilation And Air Conditioning


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