Answering Questions About Issues With An Air Conditioner's Compressor

Posted on: 14 July 2016

Your air conditioning system is likely one of the most important devices that is in your home. These systems tend to be highly reliable, but it is possible for it to experience a number of problems. When this occurs, you might not be sure of the steps that should be taken to correct the problem. In particular, it can be common for the unit's compressor to suffer malfunctions, but learning the following answers to common questions will help you to be better prepared to address issues with your air conditioning system's compressor when they arise.

How Will You Know If Your Compressor Is Experiencing Problems?

While the compressor is deep within the air conditioning system's interior, there can be a number of warning signs that this component is starting to experience problems. For example, the system may struggle to cool enough air to keep the home comfortable. This problem manifests because the compressor is designed to liquefy the refrigerant so that it can cool the air. When it is malfunctioning, the hot refrigerant will stay in a gas form, which will inhibit it from cooling. Another common warning sign that your system is suffering from this problem can be a series of loud grinding or banging noises when the system is running.

Is It Possible To Repair A Damaged Compressor Or Must It Be Replaced?

Depending on the severity of the damage, it may be possible to repair the compressor rather than replace it. However, it should be noted that these devices can be placed under tremendous stress. As a result, a unit that is malfunctioning can be easily damaged beyond repair if it is operated for lengthy periods of time while it is experiencing problems. To minimize the risk of needing to pay to have your compressor replaced, you should contact an experienced air conditioning repair professional as soon as you notice the warning signs that this problem is present.

How Can You Prevent Problems With Your Compressor In The Future?

You can help to minimize the risk of your air conditioning system encountering these problems by having the system professionally serviced on a regular basis. During these service visits, the technician will work to ensure that the interior of the system is clean. Excessive dust accumulations around the compressor can gradually cause it to fail by restricting the flow of air into and out of the compressor. Additionally, these professionals will inspect the connections around the compressor to ensure that it is not at risk of developing a refrigerant leak. Lastly, they will thoroughly inspect the motor that powers the compressor to make sure that it is properly lubricated and free of excessive wear and tear. Visit to learn more.


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