Four Water Heater Problems Homeowners Should Watch For

Posted on: 4 January 2017

No matter how long you've owned your home, encountering the first problem with your water heater can be challenging. The more you know about the potential problems, the easier it is to troubleshoot noises, temperature issues, and failures.Here are a few common problems that you might encounter and tips to deal with them.

Rust In The Tank

Hot water tanks are vulnerable to corrosion. That's why most tanks are fitting with anode rods to help prevent that reaction. Over time, those anode rods will be consumed instead of the metal inside the tank, which means you need to replace them regularly. Check your anode rod every year and replace it when it starts to appear worn..

Mineral Buildup

Water naturally contains many different minerals. When the water is heated, those minerals start to separate, settling to the bottom of the tank. Over time, this leads to buildup which can hinder the water heater's function. Eventually, this will damage the tank and may ultimately destroy it. If your home has hard water, this is even more likely to be a problem. Flush the tank at least once a year and install a water softener in the water line before the tank to help reduce this problem.

Pressure Problems

While most people assume that low water pressure is the biggest cause for concern, high water pressure, even in your hot water tank, is as big a problem. In fact, when the water pressure is too high, it can actually damage your water heater in addition to your pipes and fixtures. Keep the pressure on your hot water tank moderate so that you don't cause any pressure-related damage. Fumes And Corrosive Materials  

Your water heater has to draw air in for the proper combustion to heat the water. When the air around your water heater is corrosive, it can actually cause corrosion inside the hot water tank. Storing things like paint strippers, bleach, and ammonia near your hot water tank can lead to things like this. Make sure you keep the space around your hot water tank clear so that the air it draws in is clean.  

These are a few of the most common problems you may encounter with your home's hot water heater. If you aren't sure what the problem is or how to fix it, call a local technician for more support. He or she can inspect the system and identify the source of the problem.

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