How To Properly Replace A Furnace Filter

Posted on: 18 January 2017

If you have a slow or lagging heater that does not seem to be producing strong airflow, there could be a problem with the filter. Even if you regularly replace your filter, there are a number of things that could go wrong with it. It is perfectly okay to replace your own furnace filter, but if you are doing it wrong or skipping a step, you could end up making the problem worse. The usual result is that your filter becomes dirtier quicker and much of the air blowing into your furnace pump is never filtered it all. This article explains a few tips for a more comprehensive filter replacement.

Finding Your Filter

First of all, you need to find your filter. Most filters are located inside the main cabinet box. However, some filters are actually located on the outside of the cabinet box. They are usually in a small slot or compartment in between the cabinets and the output ducts. No matter where your filter is, it should be easy to find and pull out of place. Usually, you can access and remove your filter without any tools.

Removing Your Filter

Finding and removing your filter is the easy part of the job. If you want to make the project more effective, you need to also clean out the empty compartment before you put the new filter in place. This work is very easy except for the fact that the compartment can be very narrow. Usually, a narrow attachment for a hose vacuum will fit inside the compartment and allow you to thoroughly suck out any dust. Often, because of moisture, the dust and dirt will be stuck to the tracks that the filter slides into. This is mainly problematic because it prevents the new filter from being properly inserted. It usually creates gaps that allow air to blow past the filter. Any air blowing past the filter can be problematic because it will eventually clog up the furnace pump.

Basically, you need to figure out whatever tool works best and use it to clean out your furnace compartment while it is empty. You will definitely need a flashlight to see what you are actually cleaning. Then, you can put the new filter in place without any issues.

You should instantly start to enjoy better airflow and a more efficient filter once you replace it and clean the compartment. For more information, contact local professionals like Edwards Heating & Air Conditioning LLC.


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