Energy Saving Upgrades And Enhancements To Your Commercial AC System

Posted on: 12 June 2018

If you own a business that is housed in an older building, then you may have some outdated systems that need to be upgraded. These include the air conditioning system, and there are a number of things you can invest in to ensure you get the best energy efficiency when you upgrade. Keep reading to learn about a few things you should consider.

Dedicated Outdoor Air System

The vast majority of commercial AC systems utilize compressors, condensers, and air handlers. The air handler allows for the movement of air from the outside environment into the system so it can be cooled. The cooling process also involves the removal of moisture from the air. However, this process requires a good deal of energy and involves the excess movement of cooling fluid through the system and the possibility of accumulation of water on the condenser coils. Additionally, water is removed and then pumped out of the unit. This can lead to clogs and leak issues if the drainage components fail.

Instead of allowing humid and sometimes warm air to enter your AC unit, invet in a dedicated outdoor air system. This system removes moisture and changes the temperature of the air to a more moderate level. The air then enters the AC system. In the winter, the air can be pre-conditioned for heating purposes, saving you money on both your heating and cooling energy use and also reducing maintenance issues.

When investing in your outdoor air system, make sure that filtration is completed as well. This can greatly reduce the amount of debris and allergens that enter into the AC system, effectively enhancing air quality.

Energy Recovery Ventilation

If you do not have space or a large enough budget to invest in a dedicated outdoor air system, then an energy recovery ventilation system may be a better choice. This sort of system does not contain a great deal of sophisticated technology to remove moisture or change the temperature. However, it does capture the air that moves through the ventilation system so it can be recycled back through the AC condenser. 

When air moves back through the condenser, you are recycling the previously cooled air from the various rooms within your business. Far less energy is needed to further cool this air and it will already be free of much of the moisture and dust that is carried in with outside air. 

If you do invest in an energy recovery ventilation system, make sure that all seams around the ducts, plenums, and vents are sealed properly. This way, you can save even more on energy costs by reducing air loss from the system. 

If you want to know more about commercial AC services that can be installed to enhance your system, ask an HVAC professional. 


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