Do You Have Cold Spots In Your Home?

Posted on: 15 October 2018

Whether you live in an area that doesn't get as cold as others or you live in an area that experiences extremely cold winters, there is no reason for you to suffer through a cold home during the wintertime. If your home has cold spots, you need to do what you can to eliminate them. However, you need to first determine why cold spots occur. Here are three questions that need to be asked in order to properly diagnose the situation in your home.

Is This an Issue You've Always Had?

If your cold spot problem is one that you have had for a while now, then the diagnosis isn't a good one. In fact, signs are pointing to the fact that your HVAC system may be too small to properly heat the size of your home. When it comes to installing a heater, it is crucial that you choose one that is appropriately sized for the size of your home. Otherwise, it won't be able to effectively or efficiently heat your home.

You have two options in this situation. You can choose to replace the entire heater, or you can add a single blow ductless mini split or a space heating option in the cold area.

Is This a New Issue That Just Popped Up in a Single Area of the Home?

If your cold spot issue is a new problem in one area of the home, it could be due to leaky air ducts. Many homeowners use forced air heating systems like heat pumps or furnaces to provide heat for their homes. As a result, air ducts can develop leaks over time, and when they do, you may be unaware of the leaks. So, if you have uneven heating in one particular area of the home, it is a sign that you need servicing for your ductwork.

In most cases, the leaking ductwork can be sealed. However, in other instances, the ductwork may need to be completely replaced.  

Do You Seem to Have the Problem During the Summer as Well?

If you have cold spots during the wintertime, there is a good chance that you may have hot spots in your home during the summertime. If you do, then you could be dealing with a problem with degraded or insufficient insulation. Insulation performs its job year-round. If it isn't doing it, then you will feel uncomfortable in your home, your HVAC system will work harder, and your utility bills will soar through the roof.

If you are dealing with cold or hot spots in your home, contact an AC or heating contractor in your area today.


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