Three Ways To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer

Posted on: 5 June 2020

Before summer hits and your air conditioner starts running regularly, it helps to have it serviced by a professional to reduce the risk of failure and to make sure it runs efficiently all summer long. A technician can inspect your air conditioner and your ductwork to catch any problems early, and you can help avoid the strain of summertime demand by keeping spare parts on hand in case of an emergency.

Call for Spring Maintenance

To keep your air conditioner in good shape and to catch any potential issues early on, it's a good idea to have your air conditioner serviced once a year. This generally includes checking important parts like your motor and blower, making sure your connections are secure, cleaning your drain lines, and looking for damage or wear on moving parts like fans and belts.

The best time to have this service done is in spring. Not only will you benefit from lower demand, which means quicker service and greater appointment availability, but technicians are also less likely to be out of stock when it comes to parts that may need replacing. This also means that if a part isn't immediately available, it can be ordered and replaced before the height of summer hits, leaving you well prepared for the hot months ahead.

If you have an older air conditioner, you could benefit from a service contract, where you pay a flat fee every year for routine services. This can save you money by helping you avoid surprise repair costs, and can be a good way to ensure annual maintenance doesn't fall by the wayside. For newer air conditioners, a contract might not save you much money, but having your air conditioner serviced every year is still a good idea.

Have Air Ducts Inspected

Before you start using your air conditioner regularly, it helps to make sure it will run as efficiently as possible. A big factor in your air conditioner's efficiency is the state of your ducts. Ducts which are tightly insulated and properly sealed will carry plenty of cool air into your home, but if your insulation is fading or falling away or if there are gaps in your ducts, you'll lose a significant amount of cool air before it ever gets inside. Ducts that need repairs can cost you hundreds of dollars per year, so they're worth the inspection.

Beyond making sure your ducts are properly sealed and insulated, an inspection can also reveal whether there are any issues with your ducts that may require cleaning. This might be the case if the gaps are sizable enough that they let in dirt and debris, but it can also be necessary if the gaps let in pests, such as rodents. Pests in your ducts are a health hazard, so ask your technician to look at your ducts during servicing. 

Keep Some Spare Parts

Even with regular and preventative maintenance, heavy use of your air conditioner can sometimes result in some of your parts failing or breaking. The good news is that parts that most commonly fail are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace, but this could still mean that you might find yourself waiting for spare parts during the hottest time of year. Because of how many air conditioners need servicing throughout summer, delays could last several days even if technicians are available.

Because of this, it helps to keep a small supply of spare parts on hand. Some examples of good spare parts to keep ready are fuses, air filters, thermostat batteries, and capacitors. Because it's less likely that major parts will break down unexpectedly, you don't need to worry about keeping a large inventory or getting more expensive parts; simply keeping a few spares of basic components can go a long way. This way, if one of these parts does fail, you can turn potentially days of waiting for parts into the time it takes for a single visit from a technician.

If you aren't sure what parts you need, check your user's manual for your air conditioner's model number; this can also usually be found on a sticker on your air conditioning unit itself. You can use this number to search for parts directly compatible with your unit. Alternatively, ask your technician for recommendations on what you need and where you can get them from.

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