Dealing with the AC Not Turning on and Determining Repairs That May Be Needed

Posted on: 11 September 2020

One of the most frustrating air conditioning problems is the AC not turning on. If your AC goes out, you want to figure out what is causing the problem. Is it the thermostat, a breaker, or problems with the electrical components. The following AC troubleshooting information will help you determine repairs that are needed when your air conditioner is not turning on:

1. Breakers and main AC power problems

The breaker is one of the first problems that you will want to check when the air conditioner is not turning on. Check the breaker box for tripped breakers that could be the culprit causing the air conditioner to not turn on as it should. In addition to the breakers in the main electrical installation, you are also going want to check the main power switch of your AC, which could be turned off and causing the air conditioner to not turn on.

2. Thermostat issues causing the AC to not work

There are also issues with your HVAC thermostat that could be causing the air conditioner to not turn on when it is needed. This is often due to problems like dead batteries and loose wires, which are problems that are fairly easy to solve. Sometimes, the issue with the thermostat could be that the system needs to be calibrated because the thermostat and AC are not working together properly. This is often because the thermostat is not sending the signal to turn on the AC when your home gets warmer. Calibrating your AC thermostat will solve these issues and get your air conditioning working again.

3. Electrical issues with compressors and AC condensing units

There are also problems with the electrical wiring, components, and circuits inside the AC unit that could be causing the system to not turn on when it is needed. These issues are often due to problems like worn and damaged wires or capacitors that have failed and need to be replaced. If there is a problem with the electrical components inside the AC unit, you are going to need to contact an air conditioner repair service for help repairing these problems. When they repair the electrical problems, they can also inspect your AC for other issues that need to be fixed.

Troubleshoot these problems that could be causing your AC to not turn on and your home to get hot. If you cannot get to the bottom of the AC power issues, contact an AC repair service to solve the issue.


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