Ready To Leave Window Air Behind? More Ways To Cool Your Home

Posted on: 19 October 2020

Window air conditioning provides a convenient, cost-friendly way to cool spaces that are not currently served with central air conditioning. In fact, many big box retailers and home improvement stores have shelves full of small window A/C units that can be purchase, installed, and operational in just minutes. 

There can also be some important downsides to relying on one or more window air conditioning units to cool a single-family home. For instance, window air conditioners block enjoyment of windows, operate noisily, and can create uneven interior temperatures.  

Homeowners without central air conditioning who have been relying on window units may be excited to learn about the following AC installation solutions that can allow them to leave window air conditioning behind. 

The ductless home 

Many older homes rely on window air conditioning solely because their homes were built in the years before HVAC ducts were routinely included in home designs. This can mean that the ceiling heights and space between floors and walls are not sufficient for the concealment of bulky ducts and vents. While technically possible, installing conventional HVAC ducts and vents in an existing home can take up too much space or cause ugly architectural configurations when attempting to camouflage ductwork in ceilings or along walls. 

Today, however, there are a variety of flexible, small diameter ducts that can be easily installed in existing walls, ceilings, and attics. These specially designed ducts are capable of taking the place of much larger, bulkier ducts and can allow older homes to be more easily retrofitted given the benefits of modern central air conditioning. 

The expanded home 

Another problem that often results in the use of window air conditioning is when the living space of a home is expanded by converting attics and garages to finished living space or when a new addition is added. This extra square footage can often tax existing HVAC systems, which may no longer be large enough to comfort the expanded interior space. 

In situations like this, homeowners may find it easier and less expensive to add a mini-split HVAC system to these newly finished spaces to make them comfortable to use in all seasons. Mini-split systems come in a wide range of sizes and price ranges and are designed to be easily installed without making any major structural changes to the home. 

Homeowners who are tired of dealing with the negatives aspects of window air conditioning can explore these and other solutions by discussing their family's situation with a reputable air conditioning services contractor in their area. 

To learn more, reach out to a local AC installation service.


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