Your New Furnace Installation: What To Expect

Posted on: 22 March 2021

You're getting a new furnace put in your home, and the best way to be prepared for the experience is to know what to expect. The last thing you want is to have to go without heat when it's still cold out or to be surprised with the installation process.

Whether you are having your old furnace replaced or you're building a new home and having a heating unit put in for the first time, knowing what you're in for can make the installation process easier for everyone.

Expect to not have heat for a while

If you can, try to prepare your furnace installation for a warmer day because you may be without heat for a while. This can be due to having to wait to have the new furnace ordered or due to having no access to electricity while the furnace is being installed.

If you cannot wait to have your furnace installed, then consider buying or renting a smaller space heater to keep your home warm while your new heater is being put in. Ask your furnace installation contractor if they will have to cut power temporarily to install your furnace and, if so, for how long.

Expect to pay removal/disposal fees

If you have a current furnace that is no longer working, you should expect to pay removal fees when your furnace installation specialist installs the new furnace for you, or you can dispose of the unit yourself if allowed. Other fees you can expect with your furnace installation include emergency or after-hour fees, distance fees if you live in another county from the furnace installation company you choose, and other fees, if applicable.

Most furnace installation fees are paid upfront, so have your cash, card, or check ready to pay your furnace installation specialist when they arrive.

Expect to have your scheduled time vary

Your furnace installation specialist will book a time and date for your service, but this can vary by a few hours if they have an unexpected longer service call before yours or if they have an emergency they have to go to prior to getting to your home. For this reason, schedule your whole service day so you're home so you can ensure you get your furnace installation done as planned.

Most furnace installation companies give courtesy calls when their specialists are on their way. Ask for a phone call or text when your service specialist is on their way so you can have your furnace installation done conveniently.


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