Should You Hire A Professional Heating Contractor For An Annual Inspection?

Posted on: 1 December 2021

Maintaining your home's heating system means doing everything you can to spot problems early and address them before they become too severe. This approach ensures that you can stay warm all winter long and helps reduce your long-term maintenance and repair costs. As with many home maintenance issues, your heating system is often cheaper to repair before a problem leads to total failure.

Of course, it's easy to find plenty of information about heating repair and maintenance online. As a result, many homeowners choose to inspect their systems independently, only calling in a professional once problems become too challenging to handle alone. Unfortunately, performing your own annual inspections and maintenance can have some potentially costly downsides.

The Problems With Do-It-Yourself Inspections

Learning about your home's HVAC system is an excellent way to understand how it works and spot problems as early as possible. There are also plenty of maintenance tasks that are relatively easy for any homeowner to perform. For example, you don't need a contractor to replace your furnace filter, check that your thermostats work correctly, or clean your vents and registers.

On the other hand, more complex maintenance tasks often require expert training and experience. Although you can find step-by-step guides for these jobs, part of any routine inspection involves looking for early signs of problems. Many HVAC technicians only learn through years of hands-on work how to spot the often subtle symptoms of future problems.

Likewise, many maintenance tasks require significant disassembly. Cleaning your burners and flame sensors means opening up your furnace cabinet, and it's critical to reinstall everything exactly as you found it. If you aren't comfortable doing this work, it's often far better and easier to hire a professional heating contractor to handle these jobs.

The Advantages of Professional Inspections and Maintenance

Annual maintenance visits are a relatively low-cost way to ensure that your system is functioning at peak performance. The technician will perform critical maintenance tasks that can help your furnace run more efficiently, ensuring that your utility bills stay as low as possible. Even these minor efficiency improvements can help offset some of the cost of a professional inspection.

More importantly, you'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your heating system's crucial safety equipment is operating as it should. Technicians will check the condition of your heat exchanger, rollout sensors, over-limit switches, and more, ensuring that your home's heating is running both efficiently and safely.

You shouldn't overlook the benefits of learning how to perform basic HVAC tasks around your home, but it's also important to occasionally bring in professionals to service your equipment. These annual visits provide low-cost insurance against efficiency problems, costly repairs, and safety issues.


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