Furnace Repairs That Might Be Needed When Your Furnace Blows A Fuse On The Control Board

Posted on: 31 January 2022

If your furnace doesn't seem to be getting any power, the problem might be a bad fuse on the control board. Your furnace has a fuse that acts as a safety mechanism that shuts the furnace off if there is an electrical overload that could lead to a fire.

When the fuse goes bad, it can be replaced fairly easily, and new fuses are inexpensive. However, it's also essential to figure out why the fuse blew. You may need the help of a furnace repair professional to change the fuse and repair the part that caused the fuse to blow. Here are some possible reasons the fuse in your furnace blew out.

An Electrical Short

A short can cause the fuse to fail. If there's an electrical short somewhere, replacing the fuse won't help since the new fuse will blow too. One thing to look for is water around the furnace. If a plumbing or roof leak is dripping on the furnace, that might cause a short. The problem might also be worn wiring insulation, so the furnace repair technician has to test the furnace and track down the location of the electrical problem so the necessary part can be repaired or replaced.

A Broken Furnace Part

If a part in your furnace, such as the blower, isn't working, it affects the entire operation of your furnace. A blower that won't turn puts stress on the capacitor and blower motor. If the blower burns out, the fuse may blow too. In this case, the furnace repair technician has to repair the blower and motor and replace the fuse.

A Filter That's Blocking Airflow

A filter that has a thick mat of dust on it causes so many problems for a furnace. This happens because the dusty filter blocks air from circulating through the furnace as it should. The furnace strains and struggles to move air, and that causes stress on the parts and it can cause the fuse to blow out. If you're lucky, changing the filter and replacing the fuse might get your furnace working again, but if the strain harmed other parts, more intensive repairs may be needed.

The Fuse Is Dirty

A dirty furnace can give you all kinds of problems. It's important to have your furnace cleaned once a year to prevent problems caused by dirt buildup. If the control board gets dusty and dirty, the fuse might get so much dirt built up on it that it fails. You can tell if a fuse is bad by testing it with a multimeter if you know how. If dirt buildup is the cause of your furnace issue, the furnace repair technician may clean your furnace before putting in a new fuse.


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