The Pros And Cons Of Heating Your Home With Propane

Posted on: 25 February 2022

What's the best fuel source for heating your home in those cold winter months? When you live in a remote area, it's likely that you won't have access to a natural gas line, so your options might be limited to fuel sources like wood, propane, or oil. Propane is typically more efficient than oil furnaces and more reliable than wood so it's a popular choice. But is it right for you? Here are the pros and cons of propane.


Easy Access

One of the main benefits of choosing propane is that it's easily accessible. There are very few locations in the country so remote that they can't be serviced by a propane refuelling truck.


Propane is one of the most efficient burning fuels, especially when compared to natural gas. It puts out much more energy than natural gas per unit as well as heat. In fact, the energy content of propane is twice that of natural gas, meaning you'll get twice the useable energy per cubic foot.

Clean Fuel

Propane is considered a clean fuel according to the Energy Policy Act of 1992, meaning that it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than fuels like oil or petroleum.

No Monthly Fees

When topping up your propane tank, you will pay a refuelling charge rather than paying for monthly usage. This can be helpful for people who prefer to save up rather than relying on a month-to-month billing situation. If you own your own tank, the only time you'll have to pay is when you refuel.


High Cost to Switch

If your home is currently heated through a separate fuel source like natural gas or an oil furnace, it can be costly to switch to propane, not only in appliance costs but labour costs for installation as well. However, when building new, it's easy to choose propane.

Potential Rental Fees

Many people rent large propane tanks rather than buying them because of the high up-front costs of the tank. However, this also means that the company renting the tank is responsible for tank maintenance, so it can be helpful to some.

High-Pressure Tanks

When stored in tanks, propane is in liquid form, and the tanks keep it stored under high pressure in order to function correctly. The high-pressure tanks can be dangerous if punctured so it's important to keep up on tank maintenance and to take care around the tank.


Making Your Customers Comfortable

Starting a business is a monumental accomplishment. My mom and I have talked about opening a restaurant in the past. However, we haven’t ever worked up enough courage to turn our dreams into a reality. I admire anyone who has the nerve to risk financial security in order to become an entrepreneur. I do know, however, that if you’re beginning a new business establishment, one of your goals should be to make your customers comfortable as they shop around. You don't want them to get too hot, or too cold. Depending on where you live, this objective might be especially important during the hot summer months. On this blog, you will discover the best types of HVAC units to install in business establishments. Enjoy!