3 Topics To Discuss With An Air Conditioning Contractor Before You Get A Ductless AC

Posted on: 19 August 2022

If you need to replace your air conditioner soon, consider talking to an air conditioning contractor about the equipment you'll need. If you get a traditional AC that connects to the furnace air handler, you'll want a professional's advice on the best size and type to buy for your house and climate.

However, you might also want to consider going with a ductless system if you'd like more control over individual rooms in your home so your power bills are lower. As a plus, a ductless air conditioner can also deliver heat in the winter. Here are some things to discuss with your air conditioning contractor about a ductless heating and cooling system.

1. The Benefits Of Eliminating Ducts

A ductless system doesn't use ducts at all. If your home has ducts now, those can be pulled out and hauled away. One of the benefits of not using ducts is that there will be no tunnels for dust to collect in or for mice and rats to nest in.

A ductless system is also more efficient since cool air doesn't have to travel through long ducts. Instead, the chilled air is created and blown out immediately from a blower mounted on the wall. Also, you can avoid buying new ducts and paying to have them installed when you get a ductless AC.

2. The Way Zone Control Works

If you're trying to cut down on wasting air conditioning in rooms that are no longer used because your kids have moved out or for some other reason, then you'll want to ask the air conditioning contractor about how individual room control is possible with a ductless AC.

Zone cooling is done with the use of individual blowers. Each major area or individual room is cooled with its own blower. An air conditioning contractor can help you determine how many blowers your home needs and how they should be arranged to provide the type of zone control you want.

It may be important to have a blower in your bedroom so you can sleep comfortably at night, but your kitchen and living room might share a blower if they have an open floor plan.

Each blower is controlled with a remote independently of how the other blowers are set. You might turn on your bedroom blower at night and turn it off during the day. You can turn the blowers on and off when you want, and when you turn them on, you can control the temperature you want each room to be.

3. How The Unit Provides Both Heating And Cooling

It may seem odd that the same piece of equipment can cool and heat your house. However, this is possible due to a reversing valve. If you've ever stood next to the condenser of your HVAC and felt the hot air blowing out while the air conditioner was running, you'll understand that an air conditioner creates both hot and cool air.

A ductless AC takes advantage of this and is able to reverse the flow so heat blows into your house and the cool air blows outside. This allows the unit to work just as effectively as a furnace at keeping your home warm. You'll want to talk to an air conditioning contractor about how well a ductless air conditioner will warm your home given your climate. You'll also want to compare the cost of a ductless unit to the cost of a new air conditioner so you make a good decision when selecting your new AC.


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