4 Causes Of Furnace Problems Your May Experience

Posted on: 6 February 2023

A furnace blows warm air into your home to improve indoor comfort when it's cold outside. However, with time and use, your heating unit may malfunction, resulting in uneven heat distribution. In the worst-case scenario, the furnace may give out unexpectedly, rendering it inoperable. This may create an uncomfortable atmosphere and make it impossible to spend time indoors. Thus, you should contact a heating expert to examine the furnace, diagnose the malfunction and make the necessary repairs to restore proper operation. The following are a few causes of furnace problems.

Gas Leaks

If you operate a gas-powered furnace, a leak can hinder system performance as it relies on a steady gas supply for normal functions. Unfortunately, gas lines can deteriorate from pipe corrosion, causing them to leak. As a result, your furnace will not deliver the required heating, causing temperature variations across your house. In addition, your heating appliance will struggle to maintain comfortable temperatures causing it to run in overdrive. Thus, you should contact a furnace repair contractor when you notice a rotten egg smell to replace degraded access fittings between gas lines for seamless operation.

Strange Noises

A furnace typically generates relatively low sounds, such as crackling when metal components are cooling down. However, if these sounds translate to loud noises, your furnace could be malfunctioning. For example, you will hear banging noises indicating a delayed ignition due to a gas build-up. Moreover, chirping noises arise from the blower motor misalignment, while rattling noises point to loose bolts in the access hatch. Note that if you neglect a noisy heating unit, the issue may escalate and cause a system breakdown. Therefore, hire a heating repair expert to assess and remedy the cause of the noises for a less disruptive operation.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger facilitates heat transfer through a set of tubes that mix cold air with heated air. Unfortunately, your filter may clog with airborne contaminants, hindering airflow. This will exert more strain on the furnace to draw more air for heating, causing it to overheat. As a result, the heat exchanger will suffer excess stress from expansion and contraction and gradually crack. Once this happens, you will have incomplete combustion and leakages of flue gases into your home.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Critters can invade your ducts for warmth and eat away electrical components. As such, they may eat the wiring insulation, causing live wires to come into contact. This causes a short circuit which triggers the circuit breaker, shutting down the furnace. On the other hand, overloading a single power outlet with too many appliances will increase electricity demand. As a result, the circuit breaker will trip to prevent overheating.

Furnace problems can result in expensive repairs if you overlook them. Thus, you should employ a furnace repair service to regularly tune your heating unit and ensure optimal performance.


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