5 Methods To Cool Down A Home

Posted on: 27 February 2023

Looking for a way to make your home feel comfortable in the summer? You'll definitely want to know about all the different methods of air conditioning.

Window Air Conditioning

Need a quick solution because the weather is unbearably hot? A window air conditioning unit can be easily installed and uninstalled as needed, as it sits in an open window frame. The main downside to these units is the noise and the ability to only really cool one room of a home. The advantage is that it is affordable and anyone can install them on their own.

Central Air Conditioning

Have an existing ductwork system due to having a furnace? Then central air conditioning may be best for you. It uses the same ductwork system to push cool air through your home, and can also dehumidify the air at the same time so that it feels comfortable. Central air conditioning will cool all the rooms of your home as long as there is ductwork running to them. 

Mini-Split Air Conditioning

A mini-split air conditioning system is great for any home that doesn't have ductwork. That's because it involves placing a unit in the wall that blows cold air into your home. It is all powered by an outdoor compressor that can actually power multiple mini-split air conditioners at the same time. A mini-split system is great for additions and a hot second floor, or any room where the temperature is hotter than you would like it to be.

Swamp Coolers

A swamp cooler is also called an evaporator cooler, and it is powered by evaporating cold water. It is a cooling solution that is best for a very dry climate because of how much humidity the system puts into the air. It works by soaking a special pad with water that has air blown over it, which cools down your home. It's a method that you may not have thought of using, although it can be incredibly effective in the right climate. 

Geothermal Air Conditioning

A very unique solution is geothermal air conditioning, which uses the earth's temperature to create a cool and comfortable environment. There are underground pipes that create a loop going in and out of your home. During the summer the heat is absorbed into your home and carried into underground pipes where it is released. In the winter, the system can be reversed to take the heat from underground and bring it into your home. 


Making Your Customers Comfortable

Starting a business is a monumental accomplishment. My mom and I have talked about opening a restaurant in the past. However, we haven’t ever worked up enough courage to turn our dreams into a reality. I admire anyone who has the nerve to risk financial security in order to become an entrepreneur. I do know, however, that if you’re beginning a new business establishment, one of your goals should be to make your customers comfortable as they shop around. You don't want them to get too hot, or too cold. Depending on where you live, this objective might be especially important during the hot summer months. On this blog, you will discover the best types of HVAC units to install in business establishments. Enjoy!