About AC Repairs In Your Home

Posted on: 22 March 2023

When you let air conditioning problems go unrepaired for too long, it can lead to very bad situations. Something you want to keep in mind is that you never know what is too long. This is why it's important for you to make sure you pay attention to how the air conditioning is functioning and always call for someone to come out as soon as you do notice something different is happening. Also, keep in mind that some issues the AC can end up having can put your family in harm's way if not fixed. You can learn warning signs of air conditioning issues here, as well as reasons why some of them can be dangerous to ignore. 

Some warning signs of air conditioning problems

You hear strange sounds — One of the signs that there may be problems with your air conditioner can be hearing noises coming from it that are unfamiliar to you. There can be many kinds of sounds because they can happen for a lot of different reasons. For example, you can end up hearing a squealing sound if there is a problem with a belt. You can hear clanging or banging if there is a part that's broken. You can hear a whooshing sound if there is a leak in the ducts. You can also hear a buzzing sound if there is a possible electrical problem with the AC. Any possible electrical issue should be treated as if it were a possible emergency, because it very well may be. 

You smell something coming from the system — Strange smells can also indicate there are problems with the air conditioner. If you smell something that smells similar to a trash can, then this can mean that there is a rodent that has gone up in the air ducts and died. If you smell a musty odor, then this can mean there is a leak and the water is causing issues like mold growth or water damage. If you smell something that smells like burning plastic, then this can mean there is an electrical issue that may soon cause a fire to break out. 

You feel uncomfortable in the house — When you have your AC on, it should turn on when the thermostat goes above the temperature you have it set for. Once the house cools to the temperature you want, then it will shut off again until the temperature slowly rises again. If you have your air conditioner turned on, but the home isn't cooling, then you need to have someone come out and look at the AC. There is something wrong that's preventing it from cooling and until you have it fixed, you're just putting more wear on it and causing the energy bills to go up.

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