HVAC Repairs That Might Be Needed When The Blower Malfunctions

Posted on: 7 July 2023

A common problem with HVAC equipment is when the blower malfunctions. The blower works for both the furnace, fan, and air conditioner, so it sees a lot of use all year. If your ducts aren't blowing out a strong stream of air, the blower could be the issue. Here are ways a blower can malfunction and the HVAC repairs that might be needed to increase airflow through the ducts.

The Blower Wheel Is Loose

If the blower comes loose, you'll probably know it since it will bang and clatter as it spins. This is an easy problem for an HVAC repair technician to diagnose and repair. They may take the blower out to inspect it, and they might even clean the dust off so they can inspect the individual blades to make sure nothing was damaged.

If the fan was damaged, it may need to be replaced. If it was just loose, the technician can replace the fan and tighten it. Then they'll test the fan when they turn the HVAC back on to make sure the fan spins and doesn't make noise.

The Capacitor Fails

The capacitor is another part that might get noisy when it goes bad. If you hear a humming noise coming from the air handler when the blower tries to kick on, that could mean the capacitor is failing. The capacitor is an important part that helps the blower fan start up. The capacitor sends power to the motor so the motor doesn't have to strain when it first kicks on.

A bad capacitor is an easy part to replace since it's often just held in a bracket with a couple of wires attached. The HVAC repair technician has to find an exact match for the capacitor and then replace the bad one with it.

The Belt Breaks

Newer HVAC units often have direct drive motors, and these don't use belts. If your equipment is older, there may be a belt that drives the blower fan. If the belt breaks or gets frayed and loose, the blower won't spin. To fix this problem, the HVAC repair technician has to pull the blower assembly out of the air handler and loosen the tension on the old belt if it's still together.

When the belt is loose, it can be pulled off. The technician can read the code on the side of the belt and match the code to the new belt so the right belt is chosen. The belt is then put in place and has its tension tightened so it can spin the fan.

The Motor Burns Out

Sometimes the blower motor can burn out. This might happen when the capacitor goes bad or when the blower is so dirty it's hard to spin. If the motor struggles, it can burn itself out. When that happens, the HVAC repair technician has to pull out the old motor and replace it with a new one. With a new motor in place and the problem solved that caused it to burn out, your blower fan should spin freely and powerfully so there is maximum air blowing out of your duct vents.

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