What Is Causing Your Garbage Disposal to Leak?

Posted on: 1 June 2021

When you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, you can easily dispose of certain food waste in your sink. While this is extremely convenient when cleaning up the kitchen, there is always the chance of your disposal leaking. There are quite a few reasons that your garbage disposal may start to leak, but here are a few of the most common causes and where the leak occurs.

Top Leak Caused by a Loose Sink Flange

The sink flange is the component that connects the sink drain and garbage disposal. Garbage disposals tend to be connected to the sink via the flange and some plumber's putty. Leaks generally occur in the area when the connection between the flange and drain is not tight enough or there has been corrosion.

If you suspect that the connection is failing, you should check the mounting bolts. These bolts connect the drain and flange. Ensure that the bolts are fastened tightly. You should also check the plumber's putty. If this putty has been compromised in any way, loosen the bolts, add new putty, and retighten the bolts.

Side Leak Caused by the Drain Line Connection

In many cases, the drain pipe from your dishwasher is connected to your disposal. This pipe will remove excess water and food debris from the dishwasher into the disposal.

If you suspect that there is a problem with this pipe, check the clamp. The primary drain line is connected by a rubber gasket and screws. If the clamp that connects the garbage disposal and dishwasher are loose, you can use a screwdriver to attempt to tighten it. You should also inspect the hose. Look for any signs of dried-out areas or cracks in the hose. If it is indeed compromised, replace it before using your dishwasher or disposal again.

Bottom Leak Caused by a Busted Internal Seal

Depending on your disposal's age and amount of use, the disposal may be worn out, which could be resulting in some internal damage. If you notice that the disposal is leaking from the bottom, then the problem is with your disposal. There are seals internally that will wear out over a period of time, which can cause leaks and failure with the disposal.

If you suspect that this may be the issue, you should inspect the main section of the disposal. Look for any signs of wet spots or cracks. If you detect cracks, then the entire disposal will likely need to be replaced with a new one. You should also look for any shifts in the position of the disposal. These units live beneath the sink where the majority of your home cleaning supplies also live. If the disposal gets bumped, it may be shifted out of its original position. So, make sure that the disposal is upright. If the unit has shifted, realign it.

If you do not believe that you can repair your garbage disposal yourself or are uncertain where the leak is coming from, contact services like Edelman Inc.


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